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Block Island Lighthouses

Block Island has two lighthouses one on the northern tip of the island, called North Light and the Southeast Lighthouse on Spring Street. The Southeast Lighthouse is a massive brick structure overlooking Mohegan Bluffs. The lighthouse was moved 245 feet back from the bluffs in the early nineties. It contains a small museum and gift shop where daily tours are offered. The North Light went into service in 1868, is constructed of granite, has been renovated and reopened to the public.

The Southeast Light, a red brick building of Gothic architecture, was built in 1875 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1997. In the 1990's the lighthouse, located on Mohegan Bluff, was in danger due to severe cliff erosion, and was moved back several hundred feet from the steep bluff. Since that time, it has undergone renovations and now is home to a small museum and gift shop. Both the keeper's house and tower were preserved and the tower is open to the public. The lighthouse is a 30 minute walk from the ferry terminal, or via bike, car or taxi.

At the northern tip of the island, at Sandy Point is the North Light lighthouse. Built in 1867, this lighthouse is located in the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, a 127 acre wildlife habitat. Boasting a 55 foot tower with a light that flashes every 5 seconds, this lighthouse includes the North Light Interpretive Center, which is open to the public in season. The tower is not open to the public. The North Light can be reached by a 20 minute walk on sandy beaches.

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